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The Harp Platform is now Public!

November 15, 2013

After a successful private beta I am happy to announce the Harp Platform is now available to the public.

The Harp Platform is a Front-End publishing platform with built-in preprocessing, clean URLs, custom domains, and SSL by default. All with seamless integration with Dropbox.

In other words, develop directly within your Dropbox and we take care of the rest. The web portal (as seen below) basically offers you only one button, Publish. This distributes your project across our network, in seconds. No configuration or compile step necessary.

a few of the features…

  • Preprocessors - Markdown, LESS, Stylus, Jade, CoffeeScript, EJS are all supported at this time. Sass is in the roadmap and coming in the very near future. Using a preprocessor is as simple as using the appropriate file extension.

  • Full History - We keep every version of your site online, forever. Every time you click publish we keep a record of that build and it NEVER goes away (unless you want it to). The Harp Platform basically has a built-in wayback machine with single-click rollbacks.

  • Tagging - Tag builds as you go for easy access to the past. This makes the Harp Platform ideal for conference sites with yearly website refresh, such as 2011.cascadiajs.com, 2012.cascadiajs.com, 2013.cascadiajs.com. Also useful for documentation or education sites that needs to reference the past.

  • Layouts & Partials - Rather self explanatory, layouts and partials lets you break your site into fragments for reuse, keeping your codebase DRY.

  • Custom 404 and 200 Files - The Harp Platform supports custom 404 files. Those who have used gh-pages will be familiar with this feature. A 200 file is a catch-all that behaves the same way exempt return a status code of 200 instead. This comes in handy when using a client-side router in AngularJS, Backbone, or EmberJS.

  • Clean URLs - The Harp Platform does all the little things right, like not requiring .html extension and intelligently handling trailing slash (or the lack thereof).

  • SSL - The Harp Platform gives you SSL out of the box with all applications (regardless of plan). Feel free to bring your own SSL cert with a custom domain. We support that too.

  • Open Source - No lock-in is an explicit goal of the Harp Platform. We pledge to make every effort to keep it this way. The static web server that powers the platform is open source, giving you the power to leave us at anytime (see introduction article). The Harp web server runs on Heroku, Nodejitsu, or your own VPS. Inspired by Github, we have also open sourced Dbox, Rolodex, Thug, and Waterfront. All used to power the platform.

Dropbox logo
Dropbox is the perfect system for drastically lowering the cognitive overhead of shipping and collaborating on web projects.

Build a Website

Like this blog? Well you can have it. This very blog is a community created boilerplate by Ross Howard Jones during our private beta. Its stunning, and you are one click away from having it for yourself. All boilerplates are Git repos hosted on Github. We encourage you to create your own.


The Harp Platform is 100% bootstrapped, and that benefits you as the customer. We are committed to building a sustainable business so you can be sure we will be around for the long run. Our plans start at $9.95/mo for a single application making it easy to get started. For $25.95/mo you get 6 applications which should be more than enough to revive that blog, document that library, and ship that AngularJS application, with some room to spare.

We will earn your business by providing a service that is going to make you substantially more productive. We are committed to that goal today, and moving forward.

We like scenarios where everyone wins. You get a pain-free way to ship projects, we get to work on a product we are passionate about, and the community gets a boat load of terrific open source libraries along the way. So visit harp.io today and ship your first project!

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